#AllTheBeachReads Seasonal Book Box Subscription + Book Club

Do you love to read books like we do? Would you like to have the perfect set of books sent directly to your door every season? We’re talking a lovely mix of new releases, bestselling authors and new-to-you authors we think you need to know!

In honor of our new book club launch, The Belle’s Southern Fiction Book Club and the arrival of summer, we’ve created a limited edition* seasonal book box! We’ve done all of the work for you, researching publisher’s catalogs, reading the best of lists and talking to our publisher insider friends to create the perfect reading list for every season.

This book box is for the true book geek. You love books. No, you love #allthebooks. You want them piled up in TBR stacks all over your house. You want to talk to other extreme book lovers like yourself about the books you read – and did we mention gifts? Who doesn’t love receiving gifts in the mail? And they match your books? And they match the season? Yeah, we know. So over the moon about our new book club. Created by book lovers for book lovers. And we can’t wait to share it with you. We hope our book club becomes your new favorite thing.

This is a book club for readers who read – like all the time. And then they want to talk about it. And then they want to talk to the author, and go to book signings and special events. That’s the kind of book club we’ve created. And we hope it becomes your new favorite thing!

Our Summer seasonal book box, #AllTheBeachReads – includes six of the best works of southern fiction all set at the beach and the perfect summertime reads. Our limited edition, seasonal book box includes five bestselling authors of contemporary romance and women’s fiction and one breezy fun cozy mystery you didn’t know you needed in your life!

Here’s what you’re getting!

Women’s Fiction

  • Sunset Beach by Mary Kay Andrews (hardcover)
  • Queen Bee by Dorothea Benton Frank (hardcover)
  • Forget Me Not by Brenda Jackson (paperback)

Cozy Mystery

Contemporary Romance

Our #AllTheBeachReads Summer 2019 Book Box also comes with a woven beach tote and a luxury cabana-style beach towel.

But wait there’s more. (lol Sorry, we had to say it.) You get to join our seasonal online book club where you can discuss our featured books in moderated, private Goodreads and Facebook group forums and participate in a telephone or Skype call with the author**. This book club is for the book worms, the bibliophiles… you know who you are.

Members are also entered into monthly, seasonal and annual contests!

You get:

  • Six #beachreads
  • One beach tote bag
  • One cabana-style beach towel
  • Membership in The Belles Southern Fiction Book Club
  • Entry to fun monthly, seasonal and annual contests
  • Opportunities for in-person book club and author events***

Two Ways To Enjoy Your Grown Up Summer Reading List

You can purchase the #AllTheSummerReads Summer 2019 Book Box for $99.00. And when Fall and Christmas swing around, you have the option to purchase our next seasonal book box and fun gifts. It’s your choice!

Get The Box

Or, you can subscribe to our VIP All The Books Seasonal Book Box Subscription + Book Club Annual Membership and automatically receive our books + gifts quarterly. We’ll be celebrating Summer, Fall + Thanksgiving, Winter + Christmas and Spring for $379.00 annually. You save $20.00 when you pay for your membership in full.

Love to read? Want all the books? Have fun, dish with your book club members online, and then talk favorite books with your favorite authors when you subscribe to our annual subscription and book club. You’re also getting a surprise gift in every box – just our way of saying thank you for loving books as much as we do!

It’s all year round, ya’ll! And you’re getting #allthebooks + gifts for every season!

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Oh yeah, the fine print

  • Our #AllTheBeachReads Summer 2019 Book Box is available for purchase from June 13th to September 21, 2019 or until supplies last.
  • Orders for our VIP members will always be completed first to ensure they receive their shipments. Popular boxes can run out fast, and shipments may be delayed for non-subscription members.
  • #AllTheBeachReads Summer 2019 Book Box will begin shipping on Friday, June 21, 2019. Following shipments will be mailed weekly throughout the Summer.
  • Subscriptions paid in full are not refundable.

*Book lovers may enroll in our annual All The Books Seasonal Book Box Subscription + Book Club at any time during the season, receiving your first book box at the next available shipping date.

**Every effort will be made to schedule at least one telephone or webcam call with our featured authors, however, these events are based on the author’s schedule and ability to attend.

***Please note the actual color of towel and style of high-quality, woven beach tote bag may vary in shipped boxes.

If you have any questions about our policies, please contact us.

One of our lucky Instagram followers will be receiving our #AllTheBeachReads Summer 2019 Book Box just in time for summer!!!