by Angela Garrison Zontek

“One thing she knows about lies – once they start to stack up, they can topple over, crushing you under the weight of them.”

There’s nothing like small-town drama, no? I grew up in one — a place where it feels like everyone knows everyone — but despite the sharing of recipes, chatter, and church pews,  do we ever truly know our neighbors?

by Chika Gujarathi

Set in the tiny fictional community of Waves, North Carolina in the Outer Banks, is Jenny Hale’s newest romantic novel, The Summer House. As someone who loves to align her reading with the current season, I was so excited to pick up this book which is filled with new beginnings, friendships, and romance, all taking place in a beautiful beach setting.

by Angela Garrison Zontek

The transportive element of historical fiction is wondrous, no? The Book Woman of Troublesome Creek moves us through time and place to an old mining town in Kentucky, where we see life through the eyes of a woman with skin a brilliant shade of blue. The last of her kind, Cussy Mary Carter is a strong young woman with a sharp mind and a tender heart, but when it comes time to fight, she does so with the fury of a wet cat.

by Chika Gujarthi

It wasn’t long ago when cookbooks started layering personal essays with recipes as a way to evoke our interest beyond just the ingredients and methods. Using a similar spin is Kerry Bogert’s expertly curated Coffeehouse Knits – Knitting Patterns and Essays with Robust Flavor, which provides a perfect combination of know-how and inspiration for knitters of all levels. 

by Dianna Dames

The Azalea Festival first came about in 1948 after Dr. Houston Moore, MD spent several years cultivating the Greenfield Lake area of Wilmington, NC. Inspired by the Rhododendron, or Azalea flower, he successfully rallied the support of community leaders to create a festival in its honor. Over the years, the festival has expanded to include artwork, gardening, and local history. Every year, the festival draws around 300,000 people into Wilmington.