How To Write A Cozy Mystery

How To Write A Cozy Mystery

Join our Fall 2021 class of aspiring writers as we learn how to write a cozy mystery!.

This introductory group class provides an overview of how to write a cozy mystery novel. This is not an in-depth writing craft class rather we’re doing a deep dive into the genre for aspiring and established writers ready to learn about cozy mystery writing.

This virtual class of 15 sessions includes online seminars, group discussions, reading material, and downloadable instruction.

During the course of the class, we’ll have published cozy mystery authors stopping by for presentations and Q&A.

Who Is This For?

  • Authors who understand how to write a novel but are new to the cozy mystery genre
  • Aspiring writers still learning their craft but interested in learning more about the cozy mystery genre

What This Is Not

  • This is not a how-to-write a novel class
  • This is not how to market your book
  • This is not how to get a literary agent
  • This is not how to self-publish your book

You will learn the following

I. Foundations of the Cozy Mystery Genre

  • Cozy Mystery 101: What Is A Cozy Mystery? Analyzing the genre, Learning the important components of a cozy mystery, Exploring established tropes, new trends and ideas in the genre
  • Creating Your Hook: Hobbies and occupations in cozy mysteries + figure out the hook for your series
  • What’s In A Name? How to create those puntastic titles? And you’ll have a few ideas for your own first book – Guest instructor, Catherine Bruns
  • Coffee, Tea.. or Knitting? How to add cozy touches
  • Building Your Cozy World: How to create your small town and the people in it + you’ll create the foundation for your own series

II. Book Club: During the foundations of cozy mystery genre classes, we’ll be reading and dissecting three examples of great cozy mysteries

III. Building Your Mystery

  • Creating Your Protagonist: How to develop your amateur sleuth + you’ll create the main character of your own story – Guest instructor, Catherine Bruns
  • How To Plot A Mystery – We’re learning the basics of mystery 101 – Guest instructor, Julie Anne Lindsey
  • Plotter Or Pantser: What’s the best way to get started? And you’ll create an outline for your first book – Guest instructor, Julie Anne Lindsey
  • Whodunnit? How to create red herrings, suspicious suspects and plot twists
  • Critique Circle: You’re pitching and we’re critiquing your cozy mystery idea!

When you’ve completed this class, you will have a complete understanding of what the cozy mystery genre is, what should be included in a cozy mystery, and a fully-formed concept for your own cozy mystery.

Please note: You will need to purchase or borrow books (ebook, print, or audio) for class. A full list of books will be provided.

How To Write A Cozy Mystery is taught over 4 months and costs $700.00 Space is limited to 20 students per session. The virtual class is held via Zoom beginning at 3 pm EST Sunday, Nov. 7, 2021, through February 2022. Classes will be held on consecutive Sundays, not including holiday weekends.

At the end of class you’ll have:

  • A cozy mystery title for your book
  • A hook for your cozy mystery series
  • A cozy setting for your cozy mystery series
  • A character outline for your amateur sleuth
  • An outline for your cozy mystery

How To Write A Cozy Mystery is taught by Agatha-nominee for first best book and Crooked Lane author, Esme Addison, creator of the Enchanted Bay Mystery Series.

Download the schedule for How To Write A Cozy Mystery Fall 2021

Guest Instructors

Julie Anne Lindsey is an award-winning and bestselling author of mystery and romantic suspense. She’s published more than forty novels since her debut in 2013 and currently writes series as herself, as well as under the pen names Bree Baker, Jacqueline Frost, and Julie Chase. She is the 2020 Golden Quill Award Winner for Series Romance, a double finalist for the 2020 National Readers Choice Award for Romance Adventure, the 2019 Winner of the Daphne Du Maurier Award for Mystery & Suspense, the 2019 Stiletto Award for Romantic Suspense and the 2019 National Excellence in Romance Fiction Award for romantic suspense.

Julie will teach classes on plotting and outlining.

USA Today bestselling author Catherine Bruns lives in Upstate New York with a male dominated household that consists of her very patient husband, three sons, and assorted cats and dogs. She has wanted to be a writer since the age of eight when she wrote her own version of Cinderella (fortunately Disney never sued). She holds a B.A. in English and is a member of Mystery Writers of America and Sisters in Crime and is the author of five cozy mystery series.

Catherine will teach classes on creating those cozy mystery titles we know and love, and crafting your protagonist.


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