Four Enchanting TV Shows To Binge For Halloween

Four Enchanting TV Shows To Binge For Halloween

by Esme Addison

I’m not a fan of super scary movies, but I do like hints of magic which really isn’t scary but is fantastical and paranormal. I think Halloween is a great time to watch movies that give you a look at the supernatural.

To that end, I have three of my favorite tv shows I want to share with you for some gentle, magical fun. Two are retro and two are not. But all four are great fun!


The first one is Bewitched! I remember this show when I was little. I didn’t really remember the details of the show, just that there was a witch named Samantha and her husband named Darrin. The show is available on Amazon Prime and I’ve been binging my way through the series.

I recently wrote a Bewitched reference in the third book in my Enchanted Bay Mystery series, and I realized I didn’t actually remember the series. A character tried to make a joke and tell the main character she should wiggle her nose to make some magic happen. The character who is too young to know the show didn’t get the reference. Anyway, I thought I should watch the show if I’m going to reference it. I’m glad I did. I love the show.

Samantha is delightful! And bold and independent for the era, while also being sweet and very much in love with her hubby. Darrin is funny and the mother is so conniving. And the neighbor – poor Mrs. Kravitz who gets gaslit the entire series. It’s all great fun and magical and a nice way to celebrate Halloween. You can watch it for free on Amazon Prime.

I Dream Of Jeannie

I really didn’t remember this show. Just a pretty Barbara Eden with a blonde ponytail and a cute pink outfit. I didn’t remember that Larry Hagman (who was really cute) was an astronaut! And the way they met was so cute with him crash landing on an island.

I was surprised at how aggressively Jeannie threw herself to the Larry Hagman character. Honestly, a little cringe at times but not enough for me to stop watching. It’s a cute funny show. So imaginative.

There is a lot of military vs. magic in this show which is also in my series, particularly A Hex For Danger, so I appreciated the contrast. Like Bewitched, I Dream Of Jeannie uses lots of clever writing and humor to make the unbelievable believable. There’s interesting history and djinn lore. It’s a really interesting concept and I’m enjoying the show.

The Good Witch

As in my Enchanted Bay Mystery series, the family dynamic is strong. My series features a young woman who reconnects with her maternal aunt and two female cousins.

The Good Witch features a young woman and her daughter, and a female cousin.

The Good Witch is a long running television show on the Hallmark Channel. Before the show, there were numerous The Good Witch movies and I think you should watch the movies first though it’s not necessary to enjoy the show. But if you really want a good foundation in the series, watching at least a couple of the movies can help.

I also think the movies have more magic than the actual television show. In the movies, the magic is overt. In the series, it’s very subtle. A knowing look here. The sound of bells there. lol It’s so gentle at times, I want to yell at the screen and say, “Give me more magic!”

But anyway. Without giving away too much, I’ll say this show is set in a charming New England town that celebrates every single thing with a festival. Iol It’s okay! I enjoy festival. I write cozy mysteries. Obviously I enjoy small town festivals.

But the series follows Cassie, single mom of an adorably clever daughter as they navigate life in their small town. The catch? Cassie comes from a long line of witches. But she’s unbothered – just goes about her life helping people, selling things in her store, being the hostess with the mostest at the B&B she owns.

I enjoy this show. I tried to get my sons to watch it. And after 10 minutes, they were like: “NOTHING IS HAPPENING!”. LOL It’s a great show. Slow, gentle and subtly enchanting. If that’s your style, you might enjoy this show.

You can watch the series on Netflix or Amazon Prime.

Once Upon A Time

ABC’s Once Upon A Time, a fairytale for grownups, even though I watched the show with my sons (10 and 13) there’s a little language but for the most part the loved the show. And so did I. I was sad when it ended but it’s a great show to watch for Halloween.

There’s so much magic and fantasy in this show, you just might get overwhelmed with the storylines and numerous characters. But it’s worth it to pay close attention and re-wind when you need to. This is a great show and probably considered a cult classic at this point.

Sure, it recasts many favorite characters from childhood fairytales, but there’s enough wicked witches in the story from Snow White and The Wizard of Oz to provide some scary thrills. You can find this show on Disney + for free or you can purchase the series on Amazon Prime.

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