Six Ways to Have a Cozy Read

Six Ways to Have a Cozy Read

by Esme Addison

Reading has always been a hobby of mine. We know reading is educational. We know reading is fundamental! But reading can also be an escape and a comfort. And there’s nothing I love more than a nice cozy, comforting read.

But I’ve realized that not everyone knows how to get cozy with a good book. So, I’m sharing six of my favorite ways to have a cozy reading experience. These tips will help you create a perfectly cozy environment in which you can relax, feel happy and enjoy a good story.

1. Comfortable In Your Skin

The first thing you want to do is feel good. Take a hot shower or a long bath with your favorite Epsom salts, essential oils or both! Scrub a dub dub and wipe away the dirt and negative energy you may have accumulated during the day.

Cozy Tip: Read in your bath. A tub full of hot water, calming lavender essential oils and soothing Epsom salts is actually my favorite way to read.

2. Warm & Fuzzy

Slip into something that makes you feel good. That will be different for everyone, but a few ideas could include: sweat pants and your favorite t-shirt, fuzzy pants and soft slippers or flannel underwear. Just put on something that makes you feel warm and comfy.

3. Book Nook

Find that perfect place in your home to curl up – a soft couch, a well-worn chair or even in front of your fireplace. Go wherever you’d typically go to relax. And don’t forget a soft fuzzy blank to throw across your lap.

4. Get Your Drink On

You must have a beverage! What’s your poison? Hot tea, coffee, wine or something else, whatever it is prepare it bonus points for using a favorite mug or glass). Place your drink beside you and enjoy as you read.

Cozy Tip: Create a drink inspired by your book.

5. Get Lit

Do you love candles? I do, and I especially love scented candles that remind me of the book I’m reading. If you’re reading a book set in a coffee shop, burn a coffee-scented candle. Reading a romance set in a bakery? Light a vanilla candle. Scented candles smell nice, and create a nice immersive experience for you. And if you don’t love scented candles (my sister hates them!) try an unscented candle and enjoy the warmth of the flame, and the sound of the crackling wick.

6. Whatcha Reading?

A few cozy mysteries from my personal library.

Don’t forget the book. Your choice of reading material is key! Cozy experiences warrant cozy reads. Not all books are cozy – you want a story that is fast-paced, heartwarming and uplifting. So, no true crime or erotica. Try a small-town or Amish romance. Read a cozy mystery if you want the edge of a murder investigation but still want those cozy elements like tea-sipping, family vibes and probably a yarn shop in town.

Happy reading!

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