33 Christmas Gifts For The Downton Abbey Fan In Your Life

33 Christmas Gifts For The Downton Abbey Fan In Your Life

by Esme Addison

I am very late to the Downton Abbey wagon, but when I recently visited my parents during the holidays, I discovered that my mother binge watched the series… continuously. Like watch the entire series and repeat. Again. And again. She loves it, and she’s convinced me to love it too.

At this point, I think I’ve seen the complete series at least twice.

And I get it.

It’s a whole thing. A whole vibe. My mother and I drink tea while we watch it under snuggly blankets. And my mother discusses their lives and the drama and the decision like it’s her family. And brand new each time. Like… “What is Sibyl thinking?” “Or that cousin of theirs is so fast. She shouldn’t be slipping out to see a married man.” “Or poor Edith, will we she learn?” “And don’t you just love Mary?”

Downtown Abbey – the house – reminds her of the Biltmore House, kind of. And she loves to discuss her trips to see that house in Asheville as she watches the show.

At any rate, I decided to create this gift guide so I can figure out what to get my mother. And then I thought I bet there are many, many other Downton Abbey fans out there who need gifts.

So… you’re welcome. Just click on the image to see the product profile.

Let’s start with the obvious.

Drink Like Cora

How many times have we heard Cora say, “How about a cup of tea?” With a dip of her chin, her big cornflower blue eyes twinkling with compassion? Now, you too can have a cuppa with herbal and tea blends inspired by the show and characters.

I’m linking these images to their Amazon page but you can also find these on the Republic Of Tea page as well.

My mother is especially taken with the drama of the servants “downstairs”. For that reason, I think she’d swoon if Mrs. Pattimore could make her a cup of tea. The Pudding Tea on this list will be under our Christmas tree this year. Shhh, don’t tell my mother.


You see a theme, right? You can’t have a cup of tea without a scone. I mean… you can, but why would you? And don’t you want to imagine cook has just pulled them out of a toasty oven? I can smell the sugar and butter now… I personally love scones. I usually eat mine with coffee – if it’s tea it needs to be strong, like an Irish breakfast tea or maybe Earl Grey.

You could buy the ingredients and whip up a batch yourself, but for a gift it might be nice to just have someone else make them and have them shipped right to their door. These delicious scones are found on Etsy.com.

Tea Set

Obviously if you’re going to have tea, you need the whole kit and caboodle. I’ve added some really pretty tea sets for you to choose from.

Crafty Fun

You might know I’m a fan of adult coloring books. So, I was happy to see there’s an official Downton Abbey coloring book, which would be my personal choice from this list. I showed my mother the crafty options – and she selected the paper dolls – I knew that she would. She collects dolls and paper dolls and these look delightful. I might play with them myself.

Christmas Tree Decorations

These little Christmas tree decorations are darling. Perfect for a fan of the show. I like the tea set, myself.

Sweet Treat Tray

You can’t serve high tea without a proper tray. For cup cakes, petit fours, tarts, scones or whatever you like. Aren’t they pretty?

All The Books

There were many more books to choose from! I whittled the selection down to nine based on what I thought my mother – a diehard fan might like to read. I love that this collection of books inspired by Downton Abbey really provide all you need for a Downton Abby experience. Make your tea and treats, read your book of choice for inspiration.

Period Clothes

I wasn’t sure I’d find clothes inspired by Downton Abbey, but Amazon really does have everything doesn’t it? There were many dresses to choose from, and I selected three I thought were the prettiest and most like something Mary would wear. And me. And my mother.

So, this is a large Downtown Abbey replica that sits on a flat service. In case you were thinking it was a tree decoration. It’s not! And very cool.

If you’re into board games and reading (and writing mysteries) ike I am, finding a Downton Abbey version of Clue is win-win. I’m totally getting this game to play with my kids. And maybe my mother.

Last but not least, gifting the entire series of Downton Abbey to a fan of a show is a no brainer. It doesn’t matter if they’ve already seen it. A real fan of the show will just want to know they have the entire series on a shelf somewhere.

You can also find it on Amazon Prime and buy the digital version here. It’s currently free on Amazon Prime but when it leaves the purchases will still be there!

With thirty-three gifts to choose from, you can certainly find one or several gifts for the Downton Abbey fan in your life. I’ve found three for my mother, and I can’t wait to see the look on her face when I give them to her.

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