Five Classic Christmas Cartoons To Watch With Your Children

Five Classic Christmas Cartoons To Watch With Your Children

by Esme Addison

When I was little, I remember watching those old fashioned Christmas cartoons with the stop motion animation.

Frosty the Snowman. Rudolph the Red-Nose Reindeer… It was such an occasion. They came on at night, and during a time when there weren’t cartoons on 24-7 so it was special. My mother made us hot chocolate with marshmallows, and there was also eggnog, fruit cake and sugar cookies covered in red and green sprinkles. So evocative of Christmas time and a wonderful family tradition that I continue with my children. Not the same movies, but we do have Christmas movie night with Christmas-themed treats.

Do you have holiday family traditions you share with your children?

Those cartoons are still available online. They may still come on CBS (check your local listings!) and provide a fun, wholesome movie experience for you and your children.

I will say that I showed one of these to my sons, ages 10 and 13 and the older of the two was not a fan of the cartoon’s esthetic. But the younger one didn’t mind. So it’s possible that these types of cartoons might be more pleasing to younger children – maybe elementary school and younger. But it doesn’t hurt to try with the older crowd. Maybe calling them retro will make them seem cooler?

Watch a Christmas cartoon now!

As an adult, I like the stop-action animation. The characters have interesting texture and it’s just something different to look when compared to the animation out today.

And then these two cartoons Charlie Brown and the Grinch! The animation is different but they’re still classics and provide a simple, family-friendly Christmas experience suitable for all ages.

I grew up loving Snoopy and the gang. I remember going to see the movie with the Red Baron at the movies and being sad when Snoopy was missing. But also celebrating almost every holiday including Christmas with Charlie, Lucy and the rest. That Charlie Brown tree is iconic, right?

If I’m being honest, the Grinch always scared me a little bit when I was a child. He seemed so evil with his mean ways and grumpy attitude! But that didn’t stop me from watching the cartoon every year. And I’m guessing your children will like them as well. They may have seen the live action version with Jim Carrey, but have they seen the original cartoon version?

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