Eight Candles For Cozy Autumn Vibes

Eight Candles For Cozy Autumn Vibes

by Esme Addison

I’m just a teeny tiny bit obsessed with candles.

They have to smell really good and have a strong scent. I’m that person you see at the store in the candle aisle sniffing fifty candles then purchasing ten. I really am! And when I find a brand I love, I’m super loyal.

I have several brands I always purchase. Different scents. Different vibes. For example, I keep Jo Malone candles in my bedroom that match my current fragrance. And I buy lines of bookishly scented candles from bookstores. I have candles for reading. Candles for writing. Everyday candles for home. Candles for special occasions.

But when it comes to seasonal candles that I want for the kitchen and living room, candles that are cozy and inviting, I LOVE DW Home Candles.

Obviously, I think candles are an important and essential part of home decor. When creating the desired result for home decor all senses including scent must – should – be considered. I visualize the scene I want to evoke, then think of the scents I want and then layer them, placing them in different parts of the house for effect.

I discovered the DW Home line of candles on a trip to Marshall’s with my mother. And now I buy them online at their website. They have a ton of scents, and I’m going to share with you some of my personal favorites. These are the ones I always buy in the fall. And buy in triplicate and more to carry me through the entire season.

This list of eight candles evokes fall, being outdoors by bonfires, inside for cozy mornings and evenings and sipping a coffee while you read a book at your favorite cozy cafe! The images of the candles below are linked to Amazon but you can also find these (if they’re in stock) on the DW Home Candles website. Look around for the best prices. These candles often go on sale.

By the way, this is not a sponsored post. Just literally a list of my favorite candles to scent my home in the fall!

Cozy Fall Mornings

I’ve sniffed several of the DW coffee candles. There are MANY different types. But I decided that I wanted the simple rustic scent of strong black coffee in my kitchen. The scent notes state there are hints of cream and caramel in this candle. Maybe it’s just me but I can’t really smell it. And that’s okay with me. In this instance, I just want to smell the scent of coffee percolating in the morning.

Like the old commercials says, it’s the best part of waking up. And I can replicate it with a candle.

So then, I pair it with maple pancakes. I love maple syrup and the scent of earthy maple, sugar and pancake batter really create the smell of a cozy breakfast. Coffee and pancakes smothered in maple syrup? How cozy in the fall can you get? I burn these in the morning. Sometimes when I’m writing or reading, I’ll burn the coffee candle for a bookstore or coffee shop ambience. The maple pancakes are more for my kids. 🙂

Cozy By The Campfire

These next four candles are my choice for evoking cold nights in the backyard. I begin with campfire scent. Woodsmoke Bourbon is my absolute favorite and I usually buy six or seven of these because I burn them in the winter as well. There’s just something about the smell of bourbon that I really enjoy, And when you combine it with burning wood it creates a very nostalgic environment – at least for me.

My second choice for a wood burning scent is a candle called Smoked Vanilla. It’s a little sweeter with notes of clove, berry and maple wood. It’s a hard call but push come to shove, bourbon wins out. I like giving these two candles to guys for Christmas. It’s a somewhat masculine scent that I temper with sweet apple.

I should say that scent and the memories it can evoke are personal and all of these candles work for me. There could be scents on this list you love, some you hate and some you are ambivalent about.

I encourage you to sniff your own way through the candle aisle and find the fragrances that resonate with you the most.

I’m mad for apples during the fall, so apple cider is a no brainer. I drink it. I make it and of course, I want my house to smell like sweet apples and warm spice.

The apple wreath candle may also remind you of apple picking in the fall because this candle creates a fragrance of sweet bright apples mixed with green herbaceous trees. It gives me just enough hint of the woods to complement the scents of wood burning fire and hot apple cider.

Cozy Cafe In The Fall

I wish DW had a sweet potato pie or latte candle, but they don’t. (I bet I can find one on Etsy, though.) But they do have a pumpkin spice latte candle which – let’s face it, smells like the real thing and also amazing. Pair this with a slice of apple pie – I mean a candle that smells like a freshly baked pie and you’ve got cozy cafe vibe, perfect to recreate writing or reading at your local coffee shop in the fall.

These last two candles hit the sweet spot for creating a cozy cafe or coffee shop environment. I frankly can’t get enough of apple pie candles, so this is another candle I keep in my home clear through Thanksgiving.

If you decide to use these candles, I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. Happy Thanksgiving, it’s fall ya’ll!

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