Fire Pit Fun In The Fall In Three Easy Steps

Fire Pit Fun In The Fall In Three Easy Steps

by Staff Writer

It’s fall ya’ll. Let’s gather round the firepit and have some family fun. If you don’t have kids, make it couples time or group fun. Make sure you have warm cozy clothes, jackets and blankets. Set up your chairs around the fire, and…

1. Chow Down

You have to make s’mores. Buy graham crackers, chocolate, marshmallows and sticks for roasting. Looking for more hearty fare? Hot dogs or kielbasa tastes amazing over an open fire. Bring buns and condiments for hot dogs. Eat the kielbasa right off the stick. Still need more? Roast potatoes in foil. Wash. Cover in butter. Wrap in foil and bake for 35 minutes in the coals.

2. Cozy Beverages

Pick your poison. You need a warm drink.

Apple cider and hot chocolate are kid friendly. Also adult favorites. For more grown up fun try mulled wine or hot toddies. Bring cinnamon sticks for your cider. You already have marshmallows. Add some to your hot chocolate.

3. Activities

Have some outdoor fun. No devices! Unless you have an outdoor TV and you’re watching a family movie.


Otherwise download an app that allows you to view the sky through your phones screen and indicates which stars or satellites you’re viewing. Then discuss the additional information provided about the stars.

Sing campfire songs. Or have outdoor karaoke. All you need is a laptop. Download the instrumental music and lyric. Or use an actual karaoke machine if you have one. But honestly, isn’t there an app for that.

Lastly, have an impromptu music recital. Let your band kid play! Adults too.

Tell stories. Spooky or fun – you pick. Or listen to a family-friendly audiobook together. Or read a book aloud by firelight.

That’s it. You’re just three steps away from having outdoor fire pit fun. Oh yeah – we didn’t mention it but you need a fire pit. But you already knew that? Right?

Need A Fire Pit?

A real firepit is awesome. But just in case, here’s three that we really like.

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