Quail Ridge Book Store in Raleigh, North Carolina

Quail Ridge Book Store in Raleigh, North Carolina

by Esme Addison

Founded in 1984 by Nancy Olson, Quail Ridge Books is a Publishers’ Weekly Bookseller of the Year independent bookstore located in Raleigh, NC.

I remember going to the original smaller location with my father when I was in elementary and middle school. It was the first indie bookstore I ever went to. The memory of meandering through the stacks with my father almost weekly is a fond one. To be able to come back as a published author and find my books on the shelf is meaningful and special.

Quail Ridge Books, Raleigh, North Carolina

Since I grew up, moved away and returned to the area there have been a few changes. Quail Ridge is owned by Lisa Poole and has new larger snazzier digs. But still with the commitment to local authors, a diverse selection of in-store events and a wide variety of books to choose from. Like most bookstores, Quail Ridge staff is friendly and very knowledgeable.

I recently visited with my niece who was looking for a new series to begin with Harry Potter/Percy Jackson vibes. Both the adult and children’s bookseller promptly offered options, really handselling each book (which as an author I appreciated) and my niece went with local author, Scott Reintgen’s latest, The Problem with Prophecies.

In addition to offering a great selection of books, Quail Ridge has too many book clubs to mention. But just to give you an idea of the diversity of club genres… Well-Read Black Girl Book Club, Understanding The Middle East Book Club, Triangle Tolkienists Meetup, Forever Young: YA for Adults Book Club, and much more. Seriously, there is something for everyone.

A visit to Quail Ridge Books, Raleigh, NC

I love southern fiction, and Quail Ridge satisfies that interest as well. In the past, I’ve attended readings by Stephanie Powell Watt’s on her book tour for No One Is Coming to Save Us, Charles Frazier for his historical Varina during which time I received a lovely signed copy, and again for Robert Beatty’s Serafina and the Black Cloak for my son who has read every book Beatty has written. 🙂

This past year I had a virtual event sponsored by Quail Ridge in which The Lost Apothecary’s Sarah Penner and I discussed magical women and magical thinking. So, Quail Ridge provides both types of events: virtual (as needed) and in-store.

I can always find something to read at Quail Ridge, especially in their southern fiction or local authors. With two floors of books, weekly writer’s events and cute bookish items likes socks, candles and journals Quail Ridge continues to be an outstanding bookstore in Raleigh, NC and a frequent book tour spot for authors.

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