Four Reasons You Should Begin Coloring + Nine Thanksgiving Themed Adult Coloring Pages

Four Reasons You Should Begin Coloring + Nine Thanksgiving Themed Adult Coloring Pages

by Staff Writer

Coloring is fun.

Have you tried it since you were a child? If you haven’t, jump on the bandwagon. Adult coloring is a thing. Surely you’ve seen some of the coloring books at your local bookstore? If not, you can also find them online at retailers like and Barnes & Noble.

Coloring as an adult is not just about having simple fun, it’s a form of art therapy – for children and adults. As a form of art therapy, there are scientifically backed reasons why coloring can enhance well-being, making it a perfect arts and craft activity or cozy time task when you’re fitting in me-time.

These benefits extend to children as well. So the next time you’re child needs to be distracted, pull out the crayons and coloring books – and maybe you can color together.

Coloring may help ease depression and anxiety

In a 2017 study, researchers randomly assigned 104 female university students to a coloring intervention group or a logic puzzle group. Participants either colored or solved logic puzzles daily for a week. At the end of the study, the 54 participants who colored reported reduced anxiety and depression, compared to the beginning of the study.

What you color could make a difference, though.

According to a 2020 study Trusted Source involving 120 older adults, 20 minutes of mandala coloring significantly relieved feelings of anxiety compared to plaid pattern coloring, free drawing, and reading. The participants who colored mandalas also reported feeling calm, safe, at ease, and good overall.

Coloring can boost your ability to meditate

Coloring is a meditative activity. So when you’re coloring, you can lull yourself into a kind of meditation. We suggest adding a favorite scented candle and calming music, frequencies or nature sounds to increase your calming environment. Maybe a cup of calming tea?

Meditation can help: sharpen your focus and attention, improve concentration, increase awareness of your surroundings and yourself. Additionally, meditation offers physical and mental health benefits, including: lower blood pressure, improved immune function, better sleep and reduced stress and anxiety.

Coloring may help you process your emotions

When you’re upset, angry or generally trying to process difficult emotions, creative tasks can help when trying to deal. Some people prefer to write in a journal, some may go outside and shoot hoops, and some may go work on their car. Physical activity helps you disassociate from th troubling emotions. Coloring can do this as well Many people process their emotions by putting pen to paper.

Next time you need to be distracted from a troubling situation or want to detach from emotions you’re feeling, trying coloring. You may be surprised at how effective it can be.

Coloring is a stress reliever

Coloring is fun. As an adult, we often forget to stop and have fun. Play. Whatever that looks like for you. Coloring give your brain a creative workout, just like crossword puzzle or sudoku. And it allows you to decompress from everyday tasks and relax with simple repetitive activities you can complete while your mind is allowed to roam free for awhile. So before you grab that glass of wine or craft beer, see if coloring helps you relax

Or, you could sip and draw at the same time. 🙂

Click on the autumn and Thanksgiving-themed images to download as a printable PDF for some adult fun and relaxation.

If you’re looking for autumn or Thanksgiving themed coloring books, here are links to some of our favorites.

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