Eight Pies You Need To Make This Thanksgiving

Eight Pies You Need To Make This Thanksgiving

We know you’re making pies this Thanksgiving. The only question is: what kind and how many? Using seasonal ingredients like sweet potatoes, apples, maple syrup and peanuts available in the South during the fall, we’ve created a list of eight favorite pies to enjoy during the holiday.,

Take a look and then let us know: what pies are you making this year?

Southern Sweet Potato Pie


One of our favorite food bloggers Monique, from Divas Can Cook is our go-to for all things down-home and southern. We love her sweet potato pie just as much as we love the stories behind her recipes.

Go here to get the recipe.

Buttermilk Pie


A perennial Southern favorite, the Buttermilk Pie is sure to please at your Thanksgiving dinner. Kaleigh of Lively Table shares a simple recipe with minimal ingredients that can be made with relative ease. And doesn’t that sound wonderful after you’ve spent all day baking a turkey and whipping up the sides?

Find the recipe for this tasty, rich pie here.

Apple Cider Pie


Nothing says autumn and Thanksgiving like fresh apples. Add in the warm comforting spice of cider and you’ve got a riot of flavor and sensation for my taste buds. While we love old fashion apple pie, it’s fun to give things a little twist. So this recipe for Apple Cider Pie from Dorothy of Crazy For Just is the perfect pie for apple lovers.

Click on the link for apple pie awesomeness.

Sweet Corn Pie


You may or may not know that sweet corn in a pie is a thing, but it is down South. And if you think corn and butter and sugar aren’t delicious as the filling of a creamy pie you haven’t had a pie.

This unique pie from The Frayed Apon gets our vote for one of the five pies you have to make this Thanksgiving.

Find the recipe here.

Old Fashioned Candy Roaster Squash Pie


More vintage southern pies! If you can find a Candy Roaster Squash, you’ll be in for a treat when you make this pie. With a consistency similar to sweet potato or pumpkin this pie is delicious and also very healthy (since you are getting your veggies in!). This may not be a surprising recipe for cooks out there who are already preparing butternut squash like sweet potatoes or carrots with cinnamon and brown sugar, but if this is new to you – we promise, it’s quite tasty!

Learn more here.

Peanut Pie

North Carolina and Virginia are known for their peanuts, and since they are in season during Thanksgiving it’s the perfect time to make this only-in-the-South dessert for Thanksgiving. There are so many great recipes for this pie, but we love Wendi of Loaves And Dishes recipe.

courtesy of Loaves and Dishes

She uses a cracker crust (We like Ritz!) which creates a nostalgia for the peanut butter crackers we had as kids. It’s so good!

Go here for this recipe.

Pecan Pie

GrandBaby Cakes

Jocelyn of GrandBaby Cakes is sharing her Pecan Pie and we’re making it for Thanksgiving! This delicious rich pie goes perfectly with that cup of coffee you’re having after dinner. And then we’re going back for seconds!

Get the recipe here.

Maple Chess Pie


You can’t get more southern than Chess pie, and when you combine it with maple syrup you’ve got a decadent fall-inspired treat perfect for Thanksgiving dinner. Sarah, the Gold Lining Girl has just the recipe we want to share.

Get the recipe here.

Eight delicious pies, how can you decide! Scratch that – you don’t have to – make them all. We’re pretty sure they’ll all be eaten up.

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