Five Sweet Potato Dishes You Need To Make This Thanksgiving That Aren’t Pies

Five Sweet Potato Dishes You Need To Make This Thanksgiving That Aren’t Pies

Pumpkin who? Latte what? We jest! But seriously, in the South sweet potatoes are king! Pumpkins are perfect decorations for Halloween and something Yankees put in a pie and eat. But we’re not changing our mind no matter how hard Starbucks advocates for the pumpkin spiced latte ( and yet they are so good, right?).

And that’s why we’re sharing five of our favorite recipes for sweet potato dishes this Thanksgiving. There are so many ways to prepare this delicious, healthy vegetable – ours is sweet, not savory – but we’ve found five in particular that really get our taste buds going.

Sweet Potato Casserole

For the uninitiated, yes – we know that the sweet potato casserole is more dessert than side but that doesn’t stop many a cook from serving it as just that, and then having sweet potato pie as the dessert. That’s just how we do it down south. We can’t get enough sweet potatoes and we’re not ashamed to admit it!

Michelle from Flavor Mosaic has a simple and fast recipe that utilizes canned sweet potatoes if you’re in a rush and don’t have time to peel and prepare fresh sweet potatoes (though you can use those here too). And we love that this recipe offers the quintessential casserole topper: marshmallows. And… yes, marshmallows are a must.

Get the recipe.

Sweet Potato Bread

You haven’t lived until you’ve had the sweet satisfying taste of sweet potato bread. Yes, it’s more cake than bread but let’s just call it bread shall we? Similar to banana nut bread in consistency, this moist baked good is packed with healthy sweet potato goodness and warming spices that give all of the comforting vibes you’ll need for a Thanksgiving dinner.

We’re sharing Lee of Lady Lee’s Home recipe because she one of our favorite bloggers. Totally unrelated to Thanksgiving, she has an amazing backstory and found her way to the North Carolina countryside from Israel. She’s completely embraced simple southern living and we love her recipes!

Anyway, sweet potatoes! Get Lee’s recipe here.

Southern Candied Yams

The first thing you have to realize here is that this recipe is made with sweet potatoes not yams. Yes, we know the name of the recipe is wrong but consider it a mutual mistake that an entire region of the country has agreed to make. So, candied yams are one of our favorite recipes that is considered a dinner side and not a dessert no matter how syrupy sweet they are.

April of Whisk It Real Gud’s recipe calls for concentrated orange juice (so retro) like all of our grandmother’s recipes and we love it. Old school recipe with a secret ingredient- try to get organic if you can, but the concentrated orange juice adds a burst of flavor to the sweet potatoes like you can’t believe!

Get the recipe.

Cinnamon Sweet Potato Fries

You may see a theme here but we’re not a fan of savory sweet potatoes, all though they are great seasoned that way too. We believe that sugar and spices like cinnamon and ginger naturally bring out the complex flavors of the sweet potato. And that’s why our next Thanksgiving side are French fries dusted with cinnamon and sugar.

We especially like Jill of Peanut Butter and Jilly’s recipe because it’s simple – only requires four ingredients. And these fries are baked for an even healthier experience.

Get the recipe.

Sweet Potato Biscuits

Do these biscuits look amazing or what? Super soft, fluffy, moist and delicious. Everything a biscuit filled with sweet potatoes should be, and that’s why we’re sharing Blair of The Seasoned Mom’s recipe for the biscuits you should be serving at your Thanksgiving dinner – or Thanksgiving breakfast.

You also don’t have to make these only on Thanksgiving, these will pair with fried chicken, porch chops, sausage or bacon anytime of the year.

Get the recipe.

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There ya go! Sweet potatoes five different ways and none of them pies. Now pie? That’s a whole other conversation. We wish you good eating’ and a happy thanksgiving this year!

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