Six Of Our Favorite Eggnog Dessert Recipes

Six Of Our Favorite Eggnog Dessert Recipes

by Esme Addison

When I think of Christmas, eggnog immediately comes to mind. I love eggnog. Its creamy like a milk shake with an amazingly sweet, slightly spicy earthy taste.

I remember being a child, and come Christmas eggnog magically appeared in the refrigerator. But only in December! And my parents really rationed the beverage for us kiddoes – saying that it was very rich and too much could hurt our stomachs. So there were two elements at play: limited availability in our home, and then limited amounts once we were able to drink it.

As an adult, I remember seeing eggnog at the local Trader Joe’s purchasing it then pouring myself a large cup – no parents around to limit the amount I drank! And I drank it… and they were right. It is very rich. Very decadent and a drink to savor and enjoy.

And oh do I.

December 1st – eggnog stays in our refrigerator. But my love for this beverage goes well beyond just drinking it. I want to eat it. Cook with it. Bake with it. So every year I search for new ways to add eggnog to my holiday baking in a new and inventive ways. My easiest and fastest way to use eggnog is in French toast. OMG – so good. And my kids love it.

But if we’re talking baking (and we are) I think a creamy eggnog cheesecake is the natural way to adapt this delicious beverage into a dessert. But lets go further!

There are cakes, cookies, scone, bars… So many fun ways to incorporate eggnog into your holiday dessert preparation. Take a look at my list.

Creamy Boozy Eggnog Pie

I love baking with alcohol. Does that sound weird? I just like the taste as many people do. For example, I don’t actually love to drink bourbon, but I like the smell of it and I like wine and coffee that has been cured in bourbon barrels. I don’t love rum for drinking but I can’t resist a buttery sweet cake soaked in rum.

So when I found this eggnog pie, I knew this would be my number one pick for holiday baking. This recipe also features a shortbread crust. Have I ever mentioned that I love sweet buttery dense shortbread? (Yes, I’m from the south. Yes, I love butter. aka Butter, I can’t quit you.)

This recipe comes from Tricia of Save Room For Dessert. Tricia is based in Virginia.

Eggnog Cookie Balls

Cookie balls are fun for parties. Deceptively small, it’s easy to eat way too many as you’re chatting at a festive gathering, poppin them in your mouth. So be careful with these!

This recipe calls for store bought cookies which can save time in prep. You can also make them if you love baking like that. This recipe by Lyuba of Will Cook For Smiles offers different types of cookies you can use, my preference is the aforementioned shortbread.

Eggnog Pound Cake

What can I say here? It’s pound cake. Pound cake is delicious all by itself. I mean… it’s butter and sugar held together by flour. And in this recipe by Jamie of there’s 1 1/4 cup of eggnog to favor this cake and make it even more moist and tasty.

I am definitely making this cake this holiday season. Bonus, there’s more eggnog in the glaze that tops this deliciously decadent dessert.

Jamie is a military spouse like I used to be, and she lives in Florida.

Eggnog Scones

Eggnog scones are new to me. But it’s a pleasant surprise! If you read my posts regularly, you’ll probably know I love tea and high tea. Definitely love scones and tea.

Oddly enough, scones were a pregnancy craving of mine. I no longer crave them but I definitely enjoy them.

Probably because they’re actually biscuits, right? And biscuits are kind of my kryptonite.

Ashley of My Southern Sweet Tooth uses coconut milk in her recipe, but you can also use whole milk if you prefer. I definitely recommend full fat milk for this recipe.

I know what I’m having for Christmas morning breakfast.

Eggnog Bars

I was really taken with this picture. The eggnog bars look really yummy! Cookie base with creamy eggnog and cream cheese topping? Yes, please.

You know this is good! I made these and they’re kind of addictive if you like desserts with cream cheese or cheese cake.

This recipe is from Lydia of Island Bakes.

Eggnog Cheesecake

With a shortbread crust, whisky and nutmeg, this cheesecake is literally all of my favorite things. I like Walker’s shortbread, too which is the brand Rebecca of Sugar & Soul uses as well.

You don’t have to use whisky if you’re not a fan of boozy desserts, you could opt for rum extract or just go for straight eggnog.

Your choice. Then top with whipped cream and you’ve got instant holiday satisfaction.

I’m still recovering from all the cooking I did at Thanksgiving… but my list for Christmas is stacking up. And this recipe is on the list.

Which is your favorite? And do you have another way you like to use eggnog during Christmas? Share in comments.

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