The Ultimate Gift Giving Guide For The Cozy Lover In Your Life

The Ultimate Gift Giving Guide For The Cozy Lover In Your Life

by Esme Addison

I love sharing gift recommendations.

Whether it’s for Christmas, a birthday or other special occasions, I think it’s fun to try and figure out the best types of presents certain people will enjoy. So this year, I’ll be creating several gift guides including many of my favorite things. And I hope you like them too.

My first gift guide is for all things cozy! I love cozy things. I try to always keep it cozy, so I have a good idea of what people like who prioritize comfort and pretty things and warm things and just feeling happy.

Take a look at my picks below. They are all from Amazon and Etsy (so ordering is easy peasy.) I’m including a range of prices for each category from economical to luxe. If you’re buying for a cozy lover, you can pick one gift or pick one gift from each category to make a themed gift or put it all together and create a cozy lover’s basket.

I’m also including the perfect cozy wrapping paper for your gifts!

Psst – If you’re the cozy lover, there’s nothing wrong with sending this to your special someone and saying, “Hey, this is the kind of stuff I want for Christmas!”

Happy holidays, ya’ll!

Cozy Blanket

The first thing any cozy lover needs is a warm, super soft, feel good blanket. Here are some of my favorites priced from $14.00 to $150.00

Cozy Candle

And then you need a cozy candle that evokes warm, sweet, feel-good memories. Each candle is between $20 and $26. Check the DW Home Candle website for smaller sizes and holiday sales! These are all candles I’ve personally smelled and burned in my home. They give me cozy vibes, and I hope they do the same for your special someone.

Cozy Mug

Next you need the perfect mug for all the tea or coffee drinking your special someone will be doing while snuggled under their cozy blanket. I find the best handmade mugs on Etsy, so the images below will link to There are so many amazing custom-made American mugs on Etsy it’s hard to narrow it down to only a few. But I tried!

Make sure and purchase these well in advance of your gift-giving day because shipping times can be longish. And if you see something you like, get it! Many of these mugs are limited supplies as they are handmade. But if the one you like is gone, poke around that seller’s site, you may see something similar or even better.

You can also find locally made candles in your community. Try the local farmer’s market or gift shops in your area.

These mugs are priced between $25 and $53 dollars.

Cozy Beverage

A warm cozy beverage goes hand-in-hand with warm blankets and handcrafted mugs. So what’s your cozy lover’s poison? Coffee, tea, or hot chocolate?

Below you’ll find some of my favorite warm beverages, like Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee which I discovered when I was married in Jamaica. It’s amazing coffee. A little more expensive but worth it if you’re a coffee aficionado and the perfect gift for a coffee lover.

One of my favorite go-to grocery store coffee brands is Bustelo, so that’s in one of the gift sets. My go-to herbal tea brands are Yogi (especially for therapeutic teas) and Republic Of Tea. And I love organic chocolate in any form. These gifts are priced between $18 and $53.

You can also purchase coffee from your local coffee or tea shop, especially if you know your special someone one lovers their products.

See something you like?

If you don’t, maybe they’d like something stronger?


I love to journal. I write down my thoughts, my dreams. Sometimes my grocery lists! Journaling can be cozy or therapeutic or fun. Some people draw in them. Whatever the use, journaling is an independent activity one can do when they have dedicated me-time, the perfect gift for the cozy lover who may not take the time or expense to buy themselves something they really could use.

I’ve included a variety of journals from vintage and feminine to exotic and functional. These journals are priced $8 to $29. Check the specs for finishes and dimensions and whether they need or come with refills. I think one or two might.

Which one matches your cozy lovers favorite esthetic?

Cozy Coloring

Yes, adult coloring books is still a thing. And if you’re cozy lover doesn’t love to journal, they may enjoy art. The simple activity of color cozy themes is almost like meditating. Very calming. It’s another self-focused activity cozy lovers do when they want to get away from screens and adulting. Which coloring book theme would you special person like?

I enjoy culinary-themed coloring book, but I’ve included a variety of different types of coloring books – all of which I’ve enjoyed in the past. The majority of the coloring books below are from the Creative Haven line. I find they have consistently high quality images and editing and they are the brand I purchase most often for myself.

Adult coloring books are also great gifts for the person in your life who loves arts and crafts. Or even an older child, say a tween or teen – just tell them it’s for adults. 🙂 Then they won’t think its for babies.

These coloring books are priced between 5$ and $16.

It may seem silly, but if you get a coloring book, you’ll need…

Last Christmas, I bought a gift for myself. An adult coloring book and the colored scented pencils on this page. They smelled great! And it was just one more sensory element to add to my cozy me-time. Silly maybe, but soothing and whimsical. I always feel calm and centered after I color. And it’s nice to do something physical with my hands that doesn’t include a laptop keyboard.

These crayons and pencils are about $15.

Cozy Reading

There are so many good books out right now, it makes it hard to whittle it down to just a few. But if you click around Due South, you’ll see that I offer many, many book recommendations depending on the theme of the article. Here, I’m sharing six cozy reads spanning cozy mystery, sweet romance, magical realism, and historical fiction.

Cozy Wrapping Paper

Lastly, you need cozy cute wrapping paper! You can use whatever you like – you probably already have some left over from last year. But just in case, here’s a few of my favorite types of wrapping paper. I love the Hallmark brand because it’s high quality, doesn’t rip easily, is heavy-duty in terms of texture and looks beautiful when wrapped around a gift. Wrapping paper ranges from 8$ to 30$ depending on how many rolls are included.

Happy shopping! I hope you find the perfect gifts for the cozy lover in your life. If you found this guide helpful, let me know in comments!

Featured image courtesy of Freepik.

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