Be More Productive: Three Reasons To Try A Retro Typewriter Keyboard

Be More Productive: Three Reasons To Try A Retro Typewriter Keyboard

by Esme Addison

Retro typewriter or mechanical keyboards have become increasingly popular for those looking for a more productive and focused work environment. Let’s explore how these keyboards can help to boost productivity and reduce distractions.

The Sound of Productivity

One of the benefits of using a retro typewriter keyboard is the sound it makes when typing. The satisfying “clack” of the keys can help to drown out other distractions and create a more focused work environment.

Many people find that the sound of a typewriter keyboard helps to create a sense of flow and momentum, making it easier to get lost in their work and stay focused for longer periods of time. Watch and listen to Youtuber @MKV2020 type on a retro typewriter keyboard.

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Tactile Feedback

The tactile feedback provided by a retro typewriter keyboard is unmatched compared to a traditional computer keyboard. The sound of the keys striking the paper and the feel of the keys offer a different type of sensory stimulation that can help writers focus and immerse themselves in their work.

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An Immersive Typing Experience

The unique typing experience offered by a retro typewriter keyboard can help increase focus and creativity. The tactile feel of the keys, combined with the sound of the keys striking the paper, creates an immersive writing experience that can inspire writers to think more creatively and produce higher-quality work.


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Minimal Distractions

With a retro typewriter keyboard, writers can forget about the internet and other distractions. The keyboard does not have any access to the internet or other software, allowing writers to focus solely on their writing. This can help increase productivity by reducing the amount of time spent on non-writing activities.


If you’re looking for a more productive and focused work environment, a retro typewriter keyboard may be just what you need. Whether you’re a writer, artist, or simply someone looking for a more authentic and satisfying typing experience, these keyboards offer a unique and immersive typing experience that is well worth trying.

All of the keyboards featured in this article are from QwerkyWriter.

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