Three Satisfying Soups Bursting With Fall Flavors You Need To Make

Three Satisfying Soups Bursting With Fall Flavors You Need To Make

by Esme Addison

If you follow the posts on Due South, you know I love experimenting with seasonal flavors. And during the chilly season of autumn, there’s nothing better than a hearty warm bowl of soup. So, I thought I’d share more of my favorite soups that include autumnal flavors in fun and unexpected ways.

Sausage Apple Soup

courtesy of Cheery Kitchen

I’m a pescatarian ( the only meat I eat is fish) so when I made this soup, I used vegan sausage crumbles. It turned out well, and I enjoyed the flavors. Apple sausage is a thing. And sausage with sweet flavor pairings is also very popular, so I wanted to include this on my list. This recipe also gives me ideas for stuffing at Thanksgiving!

Southern Peanut Soup

courtesy of Libbie Summers

I love peanuts. I love peanut butter and I’m always on the lookout for new ways to try peanut flavors. I think I’ve been fascinated with the peanut ever since I learned about George Washington Carver as a child. Anyway, much like peanut pie, I’d never heard of peanut soup. Obviously, I had to try it! There are a lot of different recipes for peanut soup. I wanted one that was specifically southern. This recipe includes bacon and chicken stop, ending with a savory finish. I’d preferred to find a recipe with a sweet finish but I may have to experiment on my own for that. At any rate, I swapped in veg broth and didn’t add the bacon and it turned out really well.

Supreme Pear Soup

courtesy of Hurray The Food Up

I love pears. Before I moved, I had a pear tree in my backyard which made me want to find new ways to enjoy pears. Not as popular as the apple in fall, pears are also ubiquitous and sweat with a wonderful creamy texture. This recipe calls for blue cheese – which is not my jam. Small crumbles, yes. But not what is called for in this recipe. So I used goat cheese instead. And it was DELISH. I will be making this again. It evokes salads with pear, walnuts and blue cheese – which I like. If you enjoy that salad and pears generally, you might enjoy this recipe.

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