Chowing Down At Morgan Street Food Hall in Raleigh, NC

Chowing Down At Morgan Street Food Hall in Raleigh, NC

by Chika Gujarathi

Adding to the hustle and bustle of Raleigh’s Warehouse District in downtown, is Morgan Street Food Hall, the first eatery of its kind in the Triangle to introduce the booming trend of food-halls that is sweeping the nation. This 22,000 square feet facility at the corner of Morgan Street and West Street can be best described as a cross between a mall food court and a cafeteria, except with not a single fast food chain in sight, and a much hipper ambiance.

What you have instead are over 20 vendors serving delicious food, from southern classics, pizzas, falafels, burgers, and tacos, to global favorites like Indian and Vietnamese food, and Asian bowls, to empanadas, lobster rolls, and even sushi and hibachi.

A bar serving beer and cocktails, mouth-watering dessert vendors, and handful of retailers selling everything from candles, to toffee, jerky, and flowers, round up the vendors that call Morgan Street Food Hall their home currently (full list).

Since its opening in September of 2018, Morgan Street Food Hall has played a big part in transforming the eating-out experience by introducing “ … the concept of cross meal ordering, where different meals are enjoyed in a shared seating area.” What once required meticulous planning and agreement, especially for group dining, has basically changed into simply showing up at the food hall.

The numerous communal tables inside and outside don’t require reservations and work just as well whether you are on a date, or for hanging out with your friends, or enjoying a meal with your family and kids.

The vibe at Morgan Street Food Hall changes depending on the time of the day. Lunch hours during weekdays usually draws out the office crowds who are happy to catch a quick meal before heading back to their desks. Evenings and weekends attract people who want to linger a bit longer over multi-course meals and cocktails.

If you are with kids, the outdoor patio is definitely a big draw to not only park the stroller but to play a game of giant Jenga (several space heaters keep it cozy in the colder months), and the people watching can’t be beat either.

The prime location of Morgan Street Food Hall in the growing Warehouse District has meant that parking won’t always be easy. There are several city-owned parking spaces that limit your visit to 1-hour for free between the hours of 8 to 5. Paid meters offering longer times can also be found within walking distance, in addition to Citrix Cycles which has a station right at the front door of Morgan Street Food Hall.

The food hall is open Sunday through Thursday from 7 am to 10 pm, and from 7 am to midnight on Friday and Saturday. Individual vendor hours vary however and can be checked on the main website.

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