Three Best Places To Find Polish Food in North Carolina

Isn’t it annoying when you’re mad for some good Polish food, you do an internet search and find a bunch of German or vaguely European restaurants? Hello, they’re not the same. Don’t worry, we’ve done the search for you – hey, we know how hard it is to find a good Polish place to eat in the south. It’s near darn impossible, not like up north, where you can’t throw a stone for hitting a Polish deli.

But guess what? We found the places that serve Polish food in North Carolina and they’re all good.


Halgo, chocolates
Halgo European Deli & Grocery Durham, NC


Halgo European Deli & Grocery Durham, NC

They’ve got all the Polish stuff, including delicious deli sandwiches to go. The owners, a Polish couple, are friendly and the products are authentic. It’s the only store of its kind in the Raleigh-area. But who cares? They’ve got everything you could need. Check the website for hours.


Our writer, Debbie B. has lunch at Halgo’s.


Casual fine dining at Raleigh’s J.Betski’s.


J. Betski’s Raleigh, NC

The owner of J. Betski’s is half-German and half-Polish, and that’s what you get on the menu. A little bit of Polish and a lot of German food. When you go, just order the kielbasa. It’s an appetizer but enough to make a meal out of it. And… it’s what you came for. The kielbasa is made fresh in-house. My husband who is from Poland said this was the real deal. Go. There. Now.

Euro Deli Mart Greensboro, NC


Euro Deli Mart Greensboro, NC

They bill themselves as a European mart, but they have a lot of Polish goodies in their store, so we have to include them. Go there for their pierogi, smoked kielbasa, and stuffed cabbage.


There are some great choices for authentic Polish food in North Carolina. Make sure you tell them Due South Magazine sent ya!

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