Five Best Biscuits In North Carolina

Five Best Biscuits In North Carolina

by Staff Writer

There’s nothing we love more than a soft, flaky buttery biscuit. Whether you’re making a sandwich of it with fried chicken, slather it with butter and molasses or use it as a side to a traditional southern entree, there’s nothing quite like it. And we absolutely had to compile a list of the best biscuits in North Carolina.

This was a difficult task because there are so many good places to find biscuits in North Carolina. There are diners, southern food restaurants, and even gas stations that serve up some down-home buttery goodness, but we decided to narrow our list to eateries that specialize in biscuits.

Why Do Southerners Love Biscuits So Much?

Sunrise Biscuit Kitchen Chapel Hill, NC

Sunrise is drive-thru only and the place is always packed. Do not be deterred. Just get in line and order your biscuit. The line moves fast and your biscuit is hot and fresh out of the oven when you get it.

         Sunrise Biscuit Kitchen Chapel Hill, NC

Rise Biscuits & Donuts Raleigh, NC

Rise Biscuits is a local chain, kinda hipster but wholly delicious. You’ll be tempted to get a donut because they look so good (and they also taste so good), but save that for another trip. If you get a donut, you’ll eat it first (you know you will) and by the time. you eat your biscuit you’ll be full and gross-feeling. Make a separate trip for donuts. We like the Fried Green Tomato biscuit.

Discovering Southern Breakfast Traditions

The Biscuit Factory High Point, NC

A popular local spot in High Point, this location is small, always packed, and your biscuit will come drenched in butter, wrapped in a greasy paper. You in? (Don’t eat the paper.)

Buttered Biscuit Waynesville, NC

Inexpensive. Fast service. What’s not to like. And oh yeah, they have the biggest, fluffiest biscuit on Earth. Come hungry. Or don’t come at all.

Biscuitville  Everywhere, NC

We love Biscuitville! They are a franchise with locations all over North Carolina. They serve other breakfast foods, but there biscuits can always be relied upon to be flaky, buttery and delicious. Eat it plain or as a sandwich – you’ll be pleased either way.

A History of Southern Food

We know there are tons of places to get good biscuits in North Carolina. But this really is a list of the five best. Agree or disagree?

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