Four Strawberry Beers To Drink This Spring

Four Strawberry Beers To Drink This Spring

We’re drinking all the strawberry beer this Spring. And why not? What better way to kick back and enjoy the fresh fruity flavors of the season than to drink the best strawberry-inspired beers we could find? It’s the beginning of the strawberry season after all. Our roundup of seasonal favorites includes three beers from North Carolina: one ale, one sour, an apple cider and one beer brewed in England.

Each beer is unique in flavor profile, but they are all crisp, light refreshing beverages perfect for warm weather. And if you love strawberries, you’ll enjoy having a new way to experience a favorite fruit.

Tangled Vine Berry Rosé Ale, Foothills Brewing Winston-Salem, NC

Our first beer is a fruity, tart mix of cranberries, sour cherries and strawberries that creates a fun, dry, bubbly refreshing ale. Perfect for a hot sweaty day, we like this beer paired with fried chicken and a fresh garden salad.


Strawberry Gose, Gizmo Brew Works, Raleigh, NC

Sour beer is an acquired taste to be sure. But it certainly has its fans. If you love the refreshing, salty tang of Gose beers, you’ll probably love Gizmo’s fruity tart blend bursting with strawberries. Goes well with robust smoky flavors. We love it with grilled Polska kielbasa.


Mystic Dragon Cider, Appalachian Mountain Brewery, Boone, NC

This crisp slightly dry apple-based cider is infused with green tea, rhubarb, and strawberries. Its a perfect compliment to tangy sweet foods with a kick foods. Try this refreshing cider with BBQ’ed chicken and coleslaw.


Organic Strawberry Fruit Beer, Samuel Smith Old Brewery, UK

Out of the four strawberry inspired beers that we tried, this one had the most strawberry flavor of them all. It could be because Samuel Smith adds fruit juice to their brew. We also love that this beer is crafted with all organic ingredients. Pair this with dark chocolate for an elegant dessert or spicy Thai or Mexican dishes.

Light in mouthfeel and low in alcohol content, all of these beverages are perfectly suited for snacking too. Have one (or two) for your next girls-night-in or pair with them with BBQ chips or tortilla chips and hot salsa for the next big game.

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