Let’s Get To Know Laura Beth Of The Steel Magnolias Podcast, Shall We?

Let’s Get To Know Laura Beth Of The Steel Magnolias Podcast, Shall We?

by Laura Beth Peters

I grew up in a suburb just south of Nashville and always knew that the American South does things a little different. It is more than a slower pace of life, t’s a totally different outlook on life. Now after decades of living here, I’ve decided the uniqueness of the South is one that I not only embrace but that I want to share with others in hopes to hold onto the good.

I do this through a weekly podcast I co-host with my sister Lainie Stubblefield, she’s pictured above, on the right. We decided on the name Steel Magnolias to reflect the strength of a southern woman that’s matched with grace and femininity as portrayed in the magnolia. Plus, it is the name of a powerful and moving film that everyone should see starring fellow Tennessean, Dolly Parton.

We want to preserve the good in southern culture, traditions, and ways of life, but also teach it to the next generation that is moving to the South, those whose ancestors did not grow up here.

We hope the podcast will be an outlet to pass on all the good history that’s here. We want to make those new to southern culture feel that sense of welcome even if they think differently than us. The opening intro of our show each week says, “There’s plenty of room at the table, so pull up a chair!”

In May, Due South Magazine selected our podcast as one of the three southern lifestyle podcasts you should be listening to right now. We knew Due South really understood us when they described our vibe as, “Listening to these sisters is like sitting on your porch at 6 pm on a summer day, shoes off, crickets chirping, drink in hand.” Yep, that’s us!

The Steel Magnolias podcast is our modern method to reach out to people and share what we love about this culture, and we are excited to be teaming up with Due South to share our love of all things southern. At Due South, I’ll be covering topics such as the history and traditions behind southern food and drink, etiquette, hospitality, accents, homes, places and more.

Podcasts are a fantastic way to learn and be entertained at the same time! If you haven’t yet jumped into the world of podcasts check us out on Apple Podcasts, Google, Spotify, Sticher, or iHeartRadio.

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Grab a seat, a glass of sweet ice tea and listen in as Laura Beth and her sister, Lainie Stubblefield discuss the popularity of tailgating in the south, southern expressions and much more.

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