Six Ways To Prepare For A Cozy Thanksgiving

Six Ways To Prepare For A Cozy Thanksgiving

by Staff Writer

Wondering if you should tear down the skeletons and witches and go straight to Christmas? No way! Let’s celebrate Thanksgiving – it’s an important time to gather the family for a huge dinner and remember the importance of being together. And of course, you want to create a warm, inviting environment right? So let’s talk setting the stage for a cozy Thanksgiving.

The day after Halloween seems to be the perfect time to transition your house from tricks and treats to cozy with autumnal-themes. So make the entire month of November a time of gratitude and thanks giving in your home.

Here are six ways to create a cozy environment in which you can celebrate Thanksgiving all month long!

Keep It Clean

Clean is cozy. Begin by deep cleaning your home. A clean home is a cozy home. It may seem like common sense, but spend some time cleaning, deep cleaning and de-cluttering. Use this opportunity to move furniture around, switch out pillows and refresh your home or the space you’re using for Thanksgiving. You can also use the many Thanksgiving and Fall-themed cleaning products available at this time to clean and scent your home.

Remember The Reason For The Season

While many people opt not to celebrate the original story surrounding the American Thanksgiving, the one including Pilgrims, Native Americans and dinner, the reason remains the same. Gratitude! Use this time to remind you and your loved ones that the art of gratitude is important, one that should be practiced year-round but especially on Thanksgiving, the day Americans celebrate family and friends.

Add pillows, candles and decorative touches with quotes about gratitude to emphasis the reason you’ve gathered everyone for a family and friends dinner.

Set The Mood


Candles always create a mood. In this case, use candles to add punches of Thanksgiving or fall-inspired colors like gold, orange and burgundy to your home.

If you love scented candles, add those nostalgic scents that remind you of Thanksgiving. The fragrances will be different for everyone but a few popular ones could be: sweet potato or pumpkin pie, spices, burning leaves or wood, and fresh apples or apple cider. Stock up on candles and fill your home with them during the run-up to the big day and all thought the dinner.

And don’t forget Thanksgiving and autumn-themed room fresheners to add additional festive scent to your home.


Set the tone. Create a nostalgic playlist that reminds you and your family of being together. It could be music from the years that you grew up, i.e. 70’s, 80’s, etc. or simply the top ten favorites from every decade of every person in attendance – don’t forget to include music your grandparents will enjoy!

Another idea? Play family favorites or songs with special meaning or just a list of optimistic fun songs that raise vibrations and make you feel happy, like The Beach Boy’s Good Vibrations or Pharrell’s Happy.

Play your playlist during the month of November and on Thanksgiving day.


Decoration is not just for Halloween and Christmas. Because of it’s timing, Thanksgiving decorating is often lost in the rush between trick and treating and putting up the Christmas tree.

Head to your local craft store (or make your own crafts) and discover all of the wonderful Thanksgiving and autumn-themed decorations you can choose from. Do it up and decorate your home for Thanksgiving just like you would Christmas, filling it with the colors, themes and items that remind you of Thanksgiving.

Entertain As A Family

Watch family-friendly movies together! Check your local listings and online streaming formats for family-friendly, feel-good movies about Thanksgiving and then watch one (or three) together. These movies are designed to help you remember the importance of family, and crave all those sides and pies you get at Thanksgiving. It can be a fun experience, and a rare one in which everyone in the family is actually watching one screen at the same time.

Serve Up A Side Of Thanksgiving

From donuts to cereal and all beverages in between, November is the time of edibles inspired by the season. Incorporate foods like oatmeal and grain bowls, or coffee, tea, beer and spirits that include flavors of Thanksgiving and fall in their recipes like pumpkin spice, apple cider, sweet potato pie for a delicious reminder of the season.

Six ways to create a cozy Thanksgiving season, which will you choose? One – or all of them? Whatever you decide, make sure it’s a fun, festive time of togetherness for you and your family and the coziness will come!

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