Nine Hallmark Movies Set In The South We’re Watching To Celebrate Christmas

Nine Hallmark Movies Set In The South We’re Watching To Celebrate Christmas

by Staff Writer

When the temperatures begin to dip, the leaves change colors and pumpkin spice abounds, you know Hallmark Channel’s seasonal programming to celebrate the fall, Halloween and Christmas can’t be far behind. We love the Hallmark Channel’s family-friendly programming that centers around love, community, seasonal gatherings, holiday traditions and everything cozy!

The south has always celebrated family and traditions, and to that end, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite Hallmark movies airing in the 2019 holiday season with a southern connection. Whether the lead actor has roots in the south or the movie is set in a southern city, we’re sharing the eight Hallmark Channel movies we’re watching this season to get us in the mood for family gatherings, holiday dinners and gift giving at Christmas.

Christmas Wishes & Mistletoe Kisses

This movie offers a triple whammy of southernness! One, the lead actress in this movie, Jill Wagner, a staple on Hallmark is from Winston-Salem, NC and graduated from NC State. Go Wolfpack! Two, this movie is based on the book of the same name by Tennessee native, Jenny Hale and three, it’s set in Virginia!

Single mom Abbey takes a leap of faith to pursue her passion for interior design. When she gets hired to decorate the estate of local businessman Nick, Abbey must complete the job by Christmas Eve. With the holidays fast approaching, Abbey must figure out how to break down the wall between her and Nick, as this could be the opportunity that jump-starts her career. 

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Christmas_Wishes_Mistletoe_Kisses.jpg (2000×3000)

A Blue Ridge Mountain Christmas

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Hotel manager Willow (Rachel Leigh Cooke) returns to her stunning Virginia hometown to help her sister plan a Christmas wedding at the inn her family once owned. She must work with current owner and single dad David, who wants to let go of the past.

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The Mistletoe Secret

When Aria Eubank convinces a famous travel writer to do a feature story on her beloved hometown in Utah, it looks like the town’s tourism drop is about to be reversed. However, when the travel guru and his ghostwriter both show up, Aria finds her heart torn between the charismatic but pompous Sterling Masters and Alex Bartlett, the real talent behind Masters of Travel, and the man who has genuinely fallen for her.

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Christmas At Graceland: Home For The Holidays

81t1Zp+ymNL._RI_.jpg (1920×2560)

Harper is in Memphis before Christmas, visiting her sister and family after 3 years working at museums in Europe. Visiting Graceland with her 2 nieces, Harper meets a single dad of 3 kids and is offered a job as nanny temp.

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Christmas In Rome

Angela is an independent-minded American tour guide fired from her job in Rome just before Christmas. She crosses paths with an American executive named Oliver, who wants to buy a high-end Italian ceramics company. Oliver hires Angela to be his tour guide around the Eternal City, as the owner of the ceramics company won’t sell it to him until he learns the heart and soul of Rome. But is there another heart and soul that he may win?

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90 (840×1260)

Time for You to Come Home for Christmas

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A recent widow travels with her son to her Virginia hometown for Christmas. On the way they meet a man who is heading to the same destination. As they continue to spend time together, the pair grows closer.

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Christmas At Dollywood

Laurel, a Chicago-based business executive, travels to Memphis to close a deal to take over the city’s oldest family-owned bank. While she’s in town, she bumps into her old flame Clay, a local music promoter with loftier aspirations. Though Laurel tries to stay focused on work, Clay pulls her back to the days when they were a performing duo on the brink of stardom. Laurel finds herself drawn to the City of Blues—and Clay—as she dreams of making music once again.

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The Sweetest Christmas

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Kylie is expecting a proposal from her boyfriend/boss at a restaurant and gets a promotion instead. The restaurant owner is her old high school boyfriend, she hasn’t seen in years. They help each other out. Love in the air?

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A Country Christmas Story

A starry-eyed young girl journeys from the mountains of Appalachia to the stage at Dollywood, where she discovers the impact of African Americans on the world of country music.

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What’s your favorite Hallmark Channel movie? And did we miss one with a southern connection? Let us know in the comments section!

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