Three Hallmark Movies With Christmas Magic

Three Hallmark Movies With Christmas Magic

by Staff Writer

Christmas Magic!

We love those fantasy elements in Christmas that have no explanation. It’s just… the magic of Christmas. These type of stories usually have enchanting elements like time travel, parallel realities, manifestation and wish granting. And of course, we can’t forget St. Nick. Sometimes Christmas magic movies have Santa Claus himself in the story, usually disguised of course.

If you like fantasy, paranormal and science fiction in movies and books, you’ll probably enjoy these whimsical movies that will have you believing in the power of love, family and the holiday season to make your dreams come true.

So, we’re sharing three of our favorite Christmas movies that are based on the inexplicable presence of magic at Christmas time.

Next Stop Christmas

Angie is determined to spend Christmas alone but her usual commuter ride turns into a Christmas train that drops her off in her home town in 2011.

You can purchase the movie on Amazon Prime.

A Timeless Christmas

Charles Whitley travels from 1903 to 2020 where he meets Megan Turner and experiences a 21st Century Christmas.

You can purchase the movie on Amazon Prime.

A Magical Christmas Village

A Christmas Village brings the magic of Christmas to the lives of Summer and her family, healing old wounds and bringing new love to Summer and her family. 

Go to Hallmark Channel to find the next air date.

We’ve watched all three of these magical Christmas movies, and think they’re just what you need to believe in the power of Christmas.

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