Three Best Places To Eat Pancakes In North Carolina

Three Best Places To Eat Pancakes In North Carolina

Who doesn’t like fluffy buttery sweet pancakes for breakfast? Or lunch? Or dinner? It’s one of those meals that can appease the finickiest of eaters, both child, and adult. We know it’s pretty hard to mess up pancakes and they’re actually really good, whether you get them at a drive-thru window at a fast-food restaurant, sit down for a quick bite at a country diner or hobnob it at a fine dining establishment serving mimosas with your pancakes at brunch. But we still wanted to figure out some of the best places in North Carolina to get a really tasty plate of pancakes, and that is what we did.

We love that our list is kind of quirky and spans the state of North Carolina, offering a different plate of pancakes at every stop. But they all have one thing in common… They’re delicious.

Chez Genèse Greensboro, NC

Chez Genèse Greensboro, NC

This authentically French restaurant only serves one type of pancake, lemon ricotta and blueberry and you need to try them. But first lets deal with the elephant in the room. This is not southern food, and yeah, we have a mandate to celebrate southern food far and wide, but we occasionally discuss other types of foods, and French cuisine is one of our favorites.

I mean who doesn’t love fresh ingredients, tantalizing flavors and exquisitely plated art that you can eat? That’s typically what you get with authentic French food – and we’re here for it!

Step inside this cafe in downtown Greensboro nestled inside a corner brick building, embrace the chic elegance of the interior and pretend you’re in Paris for a while. Come hungry, their portions are large.

Love pancakes? Try our recipe for Buttermilk Pancakes.

Honey and Salt, Blowing Rock NC

Honey and Salt Flat Rock, NC

If you’ve spent any time in western North Carolina, you know it’s a farm-to-table foodie haven. You can’t throw a stick before you hit another restaurant that serves enjoyable scratch-made food consisting of locally-sourced ingredients.

Welp. Honey and Salt is one of those places. Located inside a humble bright green building on a long and winding road, they serve pancakes topped with granola, butter and syrup. The perfect beginning to your day, especially if you’re going hiking.

Baker’s Kitchen New Bern, NC

Baker’s Kitchen, New Bern, NC

Located in historic downtown New Bern, Baker’s Kitchen is a nice walk from shopping and sightseeing. We like Baker’s Kitchen because it’s just down-home unpretentious hearty fare. The interior is rustic with brick walls, wood floors, and tables, in keeping with the historic nature of its location. Everything is baked fresh and the staff is friendly.

We’re guessing the secret to these pancakes is butter. The pancakes are butter… milk. And they’re served with butter and then topped with something very decadent called Butter Syrup. It’s not Maple Syrup – but it’s something very buttery and sweet (it’s cane sugar) and when you pour it over your pancakes, it makes you eat more than you should. When you’re done, you’re stuffed, happy and ready for more walking around New Bern.

We told you, three very different pancakes in three very different cities, but lots to love all around.

Bon appetit, ya’ll.

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