We’re Reading Dear Wife By Kimberly Belle

We’re Reading Dear Wife By Kimberly Belle

by Angela Garrison Zontek


The value of a book should be measured by the amount of sleep you’re willing to sacrifice for the ending. In sleep currency, Dear Wife is a two-pots-of-coffee-the-next-morning kind of story. Despite having small children that wake up before dawn, I was up well past midnight—not one, but two nights in a row—as I devoured this domestic thriller. But I’ve no regrets as I sit here with blood-shot eyes and an over-caffeinated heartbeat because it was totally worth it.

Readers who are partial to edgy, taught mysteries are going to love Kimberly Belle’s newest novel, Dear Wife — it hooks you on the first page and never lets you go. Sabine is missing. A beautiful woman in the prime of her life, enjoying much success as a newly licensed real estate broker, has vanished into thin air. Did she leave of her own accord, or is something sinister at play in the sleepy, riverside town of Pine Bluff? As the search for Sabine unfolds, we gain three different perspectives on what might have happened to her through the eyes of her husband, an abused woman fleeing town, and the detective investigating the case.

Beth is on the run from a dangerous man—her husband. Having suffered at his violent hands for nine years, she’s finally made her escape. Beth has prepared, planned, and strategized her moves for a year. Is it a coincidence that Beth is fleeing Pine Bluff at the same time another woman has gone missing? Beth is hiding something dark, but she’s determined to survive. Who is she?

Jeffrey is an unhappy man and an even more unhappy husband. Barely into his forties and already his career has stalled. His wife, Sabine, has become the breadwinner and is quickly becoming the most successful real estate broker in town. He struggles with her achievements, along with her inability to balance domestic life with her work.  Jeffrey is resentful and angry, but is he capable of harming his wife?

Marcus is a cop. Finding people is his job. Experience has taught him that everyone has a past, and Sabine proves to be no different. Her missing persons case provides Marcus with more than one possible suspect, but his focus soon turns to the husband. Dealing with his own troubles at home, the beleaguered detective remains dedicated in his search for the missing woman.

As an Atlanta native, it was extra fun to discover that my hometown isn’t just featured in Belle’s novel but actually explored. Her depiction of all my favorite in town neighborhoods is spot-on, and I especially loved her thoughtful details. Y’all, I’m an expert in this town, and Belle did a wonderful job of bringing some of its more interesting parts to life for her readers. Of course, she calls this place home too, so I’d expect nothing less from one of my amazing neighbors.

You’ve been warned, Kimberly Belle’s new novel will turn you into a night owl. To keep up with Beth, you’ll need to turn those pages at a fevered pace, because our girl is quick like a cat. This book is a wild ride and worth every minute of all that lost beauty sleep. Pick up a copy and spoil yourself with a bag of fancy coffee (you’re going to need it).

Author, Kimberly Belle

Kimberly Belle is the USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestselling author of four novels of suspense. Her third, The Marriage Lie, was a semifinalist in the 2017 Goodreads Choice Awards for Best Mystery & Thriller and has been translated into a dozen languages. Connect with Kimberly on her websiteTwitter, Instagram and Facebook.


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