Drinks At The Blind Barbour In Raleigh, NC

Drinks At The Blind Barbour In Raleigh, NC

by Taylor Brooks

I enjoy visiting new bars and was excited to visit The Blind Barbour. Pulling up to the strip mall, I had to double check my GPS to make sure I put in the correct address. At first glance, you wouldn’t expect a bar to be behind one of the doors, but it doesn’t take long to know you have found the right place.

When I entered the space, I was greeted by a shiny wall of liquor bottles and the smell of whiskey. With seating around the bar and two small booths, the bar gives you a personal, local experience. Adding to the personal experience, each person is required to sign up for a membership and receives a membership card.

Even though I was impressed by the selection of specialty cocktails, and overwhelmed by the long list of whiskeys, I couldn’t pass up my favorite Foothills Jade IPA on the draft beer list.

The Blind Barbour Raleigh, NC

As the night progressed, the bar saw a surprisingly good crowd for a Wednesday evening. For most, it did not appear to be their first time at the bar with many coming for happy hour, still in their clothes from the day at the office. There were also couples making a stop for a drink during their stroll around the neighborhood.

One of the daily specials were German Gose beers for $3 (which I saw advertised on their Instagram page earlier in the day), and homemade pimento cheese dip on the menu. Other available eatables included Castelvetrano olives and a local chocolate bar. Not the spot to go if you are hungry, but for a drink and a small bite, I highly recommend.

The Blind Barbour gets five stars from me. The prices are similar to other upscale bars in town, with cocktails between 10-13$, and beers between 3-6$.

The Blind Barbour is located at 3055 Medlin Drive in Raleigh, NC. Their hours of operation are Monday-Thursday 5:00pm – Midnight, Sunday 4:00pm-10:00pm, and Friday-Saturday 5:00pm-1:00am.



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