Five Sweet Potato Soups To Give Your Fall Flavor

Five Sweet Potato Soups To Give Your Fall Flavor

by Esme Addison

Nothing says fall like sweet potatoes! I love sweet potato casserole, sweet potato pie and sweet potato everything, but I also love a hearty warm soup to keep me warm during those crisp autumn days. So why not combine two of my favorite ways to stay warm and cozy during the cool months before Thanksgiving.

There are so many fun and versatile ways to prepare sweet potato as a soup. Some sweet, some savory. Some vegetarian and some with non-veg. I personally don’t eat meat (sometimes fish – I’m a pescatarian) so when these soups call for broth I sub chicken broth for vegetable broth. And you can too if you prefer.

I also like my sweet potato everything, well – sweet! Not savory. Bring on the brown sugar and maple syrup. So most of the recipes I”m sharing are sweet – sweet potato soups. However, there is one recipe in this list with bacon. I’m sure it’s delicious. We all know bacon drenched in maple syrup is good. I opted not to add the bacon when I made that recipe, but I wanted to include it because bacon with sweet flavors is such a popular pairing.

At any rate, I’m sharing five ways to make soup with sweet potatoes this fall. It’s hard to pick a favorite, but I really love the very first one the best. Just simple sweet potatoes and maple syrup in a warm creamy base. Yum!

Maple Sweet Potato Soup

courtesy of The Healthy Epicurean

Coconut milk makes this super creamy. And nutmeg, one of my favorite spices – especially for the fall – give this a nice sweet heat.

Sweet Potato Apple Soup

courtesy of Spoonful Of Plants

This soup combines two of my favorite fall veg and fruit: apples and sweet potatoes. Creamy and full of warm spices this is a delightful way to enjoy soup.

Sweet Potato Soup With Maple And Bacon

courtesy of Cook In Canuck

For lovers of bacon combined with anything sweet. You know who you are!

Easy Sweet Potato Curry Soup

courtesy of Abbey’s Kitchen

Dried apple chips and roasted pumpkin seeds provide nice crunch to the cream base of the coconut milk.

Chai-Spiced Sweet Potato Soup

courtesy of One Green Planet

I adore chai. The taste, the smell, the healthy warming essence of the herbs. And I have always thought chai spice would be a perfect complement to sweet potatoes. So this soup is a no brainer for me. It’s not also delicious – it’s good for you as as well. another favorite!

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