Three Best Places To Hike In Hillsborough

Three Best Places To Hike In Hillsborough

There are two things we like to do in Hillsborough, NC. One is touring historical sites and the other, hiking. While there is much to learn from this area’s historic houses and museums, today we’re focusing on hiking with three unique trails.


Riverwalk Hillsborough, NC


The Riverwalk is just like it sounds, a beautiful paved greenway measuring about 1.8 miles that winds along the banks of the Eno River through Hillsborough. Whether you’re hiking, strolling, jogging or cycling, you can customize the length of your journey by taking a short jaunt along the Eno,¬†or extend it with other trails to cover over four miles.

As the name might suggest, The Riverwalk is ideal for jogging and walking for fitness. If you’re looking for the best hiking experience in the Piedmont…

Occoneechee Mountain State Natural Area Hillsborough, NC

Occoneechee Mountain State Natural Area

It might surprise some of our readers to know there are mountains right outside of Raleigh. That’s right folks, you don’t have to travel to western North Carolina to hike the mountains. This state park has three miles of trails of varying lengths and difficulty that take the hiker along ponds, an old quarry, a summit overlook and other beautiful natural views.

Occoneechee Mountain State park has a great educational program that explores subjects like the river, the trees and geology.

Occoneechee Orange Speedway

This historic speedway wins the prize for one of the most unique places to walk in North Carolina. One of the first two tracks established by NASCAR, the speedway was used in NASCAR’s first season in 1949 and closed 19 years later. Now the 3/4 of a mile dirt track is a quirky flat trail for hikers, joggers and children to explore.

There are a few old cars left on the track providing character, along with the ruins of an outhouse, stadium steps and announcer’s booth.

Regardless of where you go in Hillsborough, bring your walking shoes or your hiking boots because there are plenty of great trails in this town.



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