Why Do Southerners Love Biscuits So Much?

Why Do Southerners Love Biscuits So Much?

by Staff Writer

Growing up in the south, that is the southern region of the United States, the humble biscuit is beloved like a member of the family, recalled as fondly as a favored pet and evokes nostalgic feelings of comfort, happiness and warmth. If you’re from the south and you move away, a really good biscuit can become a yearning.

biscuits and butter
Just the thought of biscuits can make you happy.

But why? Why are biscuits such a… thing? Clearly, a biscuit is comforting. It’s… comfort food. Comfort food conjures feelings of mother or grandmother baking in the kitchen. It’s homey. Tantalizing scents of butter and baked bread wafting through the home. The warmth of the kitchen, those smells and seeing your family member at home make us feel good, loved.

And then there’s the eating. The feeling of satiety we get when our belly fills with the heaviness of the biscuit, the flavors of salt and butter dancing on our tongue evoke happiness. Isn’t it difficult to be unhappy when you’re eating a biscuit?

Discovering Southern Breakfast Traditions

Whether your memories include eating a plain biscuit with butter, or a biscuit with butter and molasses or a biscuit with jam or a biscuit with sausage, ham, bacon or fried chicken, they are probably positive ones. And that’s because biscuits represent family, good times and hearty meals with simple flavors.

That’s why we love biscuits, so much.

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