Watch These Three Hallmark Movies For Autumn Vibes

Watch These Three Hallmark Movies For Autumn Vibes

by Esme Addison

I enjoy watching seasonal romances. I know Christmas romances are the BIG THING, but I really love cozy. And I really love fall, so as soon as the leaves start to change I’m looking for cute movies filled with the red gold orange of changing leaves, yellow mums and decorative pumpkins everywhere!

Some to the channels that make these movies: Hallmark, Lifetime and Great American Channel seem to really pump out the Christmas movies, but I want to see more fall-inspired movies. AND I want to watch them in September, October AND November. I personally don’t look at Christmas movies UNTIL the day after Thanksgiving. But THEN I let the candy cane coated gates open and watch ALL THE CHRISTMAS MOVIES.

But until then. I’m all about the fall movies. And I’m sharing three of my favorites below.

Autumn In The Vineyard

This movie is based on the St. Helena Vineyard series by author, Marina Adair. And there are three movies based on the series, each one in a different season. I love it when movies are made from books and this is such a spicy sweet movie. I’ve toured both Napa and Virginia wine country, and take every opportunity I can to watch movies set in wine country setting.

The dynamic between this couple and their “warring” families is fun, and I appreciate the female character’s feisty nature. I’m also a fan of the actress Rachel Leigh Cook.

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Falling For Look Lodge

I’ve watched this movie twice! And that’s saying something. When I really like a movie, I’ll watch it again with my parents. My mother also enjoyed this one. Gorgeous B&B in the mountains setting. I’m guessing it was New England though, either I can’t remember or it was never stated. And the couple is super cute. There’s also a nice sister-relationship dynamic and wedding planning (if you love those types of movies). Very evocative of fall and made me want to toast smores outside and drink apple cider immediately.

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Love, Fall & Order

One of my favorite elements of a seasonal romance is the color palette. And this one is really gorgeous. The cinematic appeal of this movie gets my chef’s kiss. Mmmuah! It’s also a really cute premise. You can probably guess from the title that it deals with the law. But not law enforcement, law-yers. I usually like my Hallmark movies with fun occupations or culinary elements but the backdrop of a fall festival and pumpkin farm makes this romance about dueling attorneys fun.

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Light a harvest inspired candle, heat up a glass of apple cider and enjoy your movie! Have you seen these movies? Tell me what you think in comments. 🙂

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