Savor The Taste: Five Top Breweries In North Carolina

Savor The Taste: Five Top Breweries In North Carolina

Craft beer is booming everywhere, but it’s fairly blossoming in the Tarheel State. You can’t walk for tripping over a brewery. And just when you think you’ve got a grasp of all the breweries in your neighborhood, a new one pops up. Wouldn’t you like a little help figuring out some of the best breweries in North Carolina?

Great! That’s exactly why we wrote this article.

As you probably know, North Carolina has become one of the premier craft beer destinations in the United States, boasting a vibrant and diverse beer scene that continues to attract beer lovers from all over the world. The state is home to over 300 breweries, ranging from small, independently-owned operations to large-scale craft beer powerhouses.

Why North Carolina?

The craft beer scene in North Carolina is known for its creativity and innovation, with breweries experimenting with unique ingredients and brewing techniques to create a wide range of interesting and delicious beers. Some of the most popular beer styles in the state include hop-forward IPAs, sour beers, and barrel-aged stouts, although there are plenty of other styles available as well.

The Best Taproom In Wilmington, NC is The Sour Barn

One of the reasons why North Carolina has become such a hotbed for craft beer is its supportive community of beer lovers and industry professionals. Breweries often collaborate with one another and participate in local beer festivals, which fosters a sense of camaraderie and collaboration among brewers and enthusiasts alike.

North Carolina’s craft beer scene also benefits from the state’s rich history and tradition of brewing, dating back to the colonial era. Many of the state’s breweries are located in historic buildings, such as former textile mills and warehouses, which gives the beer scene a unique sense of place and history.

With so many craft breweries to choose from, we thought we’d help you find some of the best to sample. Who knows, you just might find a new favorite.

Here’s a list of five of the very best breweries in North Carolina. #yourewelcome Some of these are pretty popular throughout the state, the region and dare we say, throughout the country. But there’s a handful that are local gems, beloved by their loyal customers and just waiting to be discovered by craft beer fans everywhere.

Without further ado, we give you  five of the best breweries in North Carolina.

Eurisko Beer Company Asheville, NC


Eurisko is located in South Slope, an area that is going through a revitalization process to become the newest brewery district in Asheville. This brewery is small but filled with friendly staff and a curated selection of beers. They are fast becoming known for their IPAs. The interior is a cozy, rustic no frills kind of place that highlights what’s important: the beer.

Cursus Keme Asheville, NC

Cursus Keme Asheville, NC

Cursus Keme is one beautiful brewery. But if you’re careful, you may miss it. Located off Swannanoa River Road, they are hidden away at the end of 155 Thompson Street.  But once you find it, you’ll be glad you came.

If you’re into woodworking, you might be distracted by the craftsmanship of the tables and stools.  Industrial accents, repurposed wood found on the site and alchemy symbols provide a cool, creative, almost magical esthetic for this huge space that used to be a truck repair shop. Cursus Keme are doing some interesting things with beer, so come with an adventurous spirit and be surprised by the true crafting of old favorites.

Broomtail Craft Brewery Wilmington, NC

Broomtail Craft Brewery Wilmington, NC

Located in an industrial area of Wilmington, NC, Broomtail is the epitome of the homey, local neighborhood brewery that every beer lover wants in their proverbial backyard. A solid brewery that offers friendly staff, good vibes and excellent beers. There’s something for every beer drinker’s taste.

And if you’re a true craft beer geek, you’ll appreciate all of the artistry and science that goes into the making of each ale. Read the background information on their website thoroughly, and then ask the staff questions about their brewing process. You’ll have a new appreciation for what you’re drinking. And then make sure and visit their Sour Barn, our Best Taproom In Wilmington, NC.

Edward Teach Brewery Wilmington, NC

edward teach.jpg
Edward Teach Brewery Wilmington, NC

North Carolina history buffs will be intrigued by this brewery’s namesake. Edward Teach Brewery is a pirate-themed brewery inspired by the infamous Blackbeard (known to hang out and hide along the Carolina coast) in the Brooklyn Arts district of downtown historic Wilmington.

When you walk inside this spacious, two-story brewery, you’ll notice the space has been designed so you feel like you’re on a ship. So channel your inner pirate and enjoy yourself, matey! The staff is friendly and the beers are good, with fun pirate-inspired names like Peg Leg Porter and Scallywag Session IPA.

Brewery 99 New Bern, NC

Brewery 99 New Bern, NC

This tiny lil’ unassuming brewery has 4 taps and one room. Cozy and charming in its simplicity, the owner brews during the week and serves it on the weekend. Catch that? They’re only open on Friday and Saturday. And when the beer is gone, it’s gone.

The locals love this brewery for its chill vibe, down-home hospitality, lack of pretension and passion-crafted beers that are really, really good.

There you have it, the five best breweries in North Carolina. Make sure you visit these awesome breweries when you’re in their neck of the woods. But don’t stop there, because North Carolina is full of wonderful breweries unique in their own way. Some are just opening, some are still hidden gems while others are more established with a national following.




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Updated February 2023

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