Five Best Places To Pick Strawberries In North Carolina

Five Best Places To Pick Strawberries In North Carolina

Going to a pick-your-own farm is a good time if you go alone, make it a family outing or a destination for your date. You’re outside getting some fresh air and sun, you’re becoming one with nature, getting back to simpler times… and coming home with a bucket of dessert.

Whether you eating fresh strawberries alone, topped with whipped cream or using them in a recipe, picking strawberries in April or May is always a fun time and practically a rite of Spring. However, there are a few things you need to do before you visit any u-pick farm.

  1. Go to the farm website and check for operating hours. Sometimes strawberry season can begin early or late beginning on the weather or the status of the berries. They may also close if it’s rainy, stormy or the berries are gone.
  2. Determine how much it costs. Some places charge admission while others only charge by the pound. And some farm accepts cards and check, while others only take cash.
  3. Find out if you need to bring a container or if containers are provided for you.

Just common sense stuff. We know. But just do your due diligence before hopping in your car and heading to your closest strawberry farm. And don’t forget your sunscreen and hats. It’s very easy to get burned while you’re having fun on the farm

But once you’ve done your research, have at it! We’ve listed the four best places in North Carolina for picking your own strawberries.

Buckwheat Farm Apex, NC

Buckwheat Farm Apex, NC

Buckwheat Farms is a scenic drive into a refreshingly undeveloped area of Apex. Make sure you have your GPS with you, you just may miss it. In addition to picking strawberries, Buckwheat Farm has horses and goats on the property for petting and feeding. If you’re lucky, you’ll even see a peacock strutting about the property.

As with most u-pick farms, you can pick the berries yourself or purchased pre-picked berries. This is a fun location for lunch too. They serve BBQ sandwiches, hotdogs, homemade cream and have jams and jellies for purchase.

Porter Farms and Nursery Willow Springs, NC

Porter Farms Willow Springs, NC

Come for the strawberries, but stay for the ice cream! The locals around this farm know Porter’s Farm has some of the best freshly made ice cream around. And no surprise, their strawberry ice cream is amazing. Porter’s sells other seasonal produce, but during strawberry season, the bright red berries are the star of the show.

There are picnic tables for enjoying your strawberries or ice cream and a large sandbox in the back full of toys for kids to play in.

Page Farm Raleigh, NC

Page Farm Raleigh, NC

Page Farm has horses and cows and sheep and goats… and of course, hay rides. You may be surprised to find there is a large working farm in Raleigh, but located near the Brier Creek shopping center, Page Farm is a year-round favorite destination in the community. And in the Spring, it’s all about the strawberries.

With wide open spaces, super sweet strawberries and lots of animals to pet, there’s a lot to love about Page Farms.

Ingram’s Strawberry Farm High Point, NC

Ingram’s Strawberry Farm

After you’ve picked your fill of strawberries at Ingram’s Farm, make sure and stop by Ingram’s Country kitchen for a freshly made strawberry dessert. Located in the little red barn on the farm, they serve pies, cakes, cobblers and preserves made from fresh strawberries.

There are hayrides, a play area for little children and farm animals for petting and feeding.

Ten Acre Garden Canton, NC

Come for the strawberries, stay for the pizza. Leave with flowers!

Ten Acre Garden is a century farm (run by the same family for one hundred years) in the mountains. Gorgeous views, a scenic sunflower maze you have to see and oh yeah – delicious strawberries for the picking. A hop and a skip from Asheville, this farm is a must see if you’re traveling in the area.  They are an organic and environmentally friendly farm that offers produce and fresh-cut flowers. With wood burning oven pizzas on Saturday, and did we mention those views? Make sure and stop by Ten Acre Garden if you’re in their neck of the woods. (And tell them Due South sent ya!)

If you’ve never been strawberry picking, you might not get how fun it can be to simply pick fruit, fill up your basket, soak up some sun and then go home and eat what you picked. It’s a simple pleasure, but one that can help de-stress you after a busy work week, allow kids to see a farm when they may never actually see one and it allows you to eat something you plucked from the earth yourself.

Kinda cool. We think.

Updated on May 2, 2021

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