Five Ways We Eat Strawberries Down South

Five Ways We Eat Strawberries Down South

One of our favorite parts of spring is strawberry season. There’s a simple beauty to plucking a freshly washed strawberry from a bucket or bowl and eating it unencumbered. But… there’s also something to be said for dressing up this juicy red berry.

Southern cooks get it right with strawberries. Just a few ingredients, minimal cooking and just enough sugar to allow the natural taste of strawberries to shine through. To that end, we’re sharing five of our favorite ways to enjoy strawberries in the spring – and from some of our favorite southern bakers.

How do you enjoy eating this delicious berry during strawberry season?

Fresh Strawberry Pie


Easily our favorite way to enjoy fresh strawberries in the spring, the humble strawberry pie with just a few wholesome ingredients combines to become a refreshing easy treat to be enjoyed on a warm day. Topped with whipped cream and ice coffee and you’ve got heaven on a plate.

Read Christy of’s easy-peasy recipe here.

Strawberry Cobbler

Credit: Bunny’s Warm Oven

What’s the difference between a crisp and a cobbler? Not much, and we don’t care. Crisps and cobblers have lots in common like being delicious for one. The toping or crust is a little different but the taste is absolutely delicious. Call it a difference of textures. Cobblers are usually heartier because of the flour-topping and for that reason we’d suggest pairing cobbler with a scoop of light and airy whipped cream.

One of our favorite strawberry cobbler recipes comes from Bunny’s Warm Oven. Find her recipe here.

Strawberry Crisp

Credit: Green Valley Kitchen

The topping on Geraldine of’s Strawberry Crisp is down right heavenly, but that’s not the only reason we love her website or her recipes. This pastry is the best way hands down to eat a scoop of ice cream in the spring time.

Take a look at Geraldine’s recipe here.

Strawberry Pretzel Salad

Credit: Spicy Southern Plate

Is there anything more southern than strawberry pretzel salad? We don’t think so. Filed under only in the south, this concoction of salty pretzels, sweet strawberries and cream cheese creates a delicious party in your mouth. This warm weather treat is always a crowd pleaser at the potluck or barbecue.

Not only is this recipe by Christin of Spicy Southern Kitchen a winner in the taste department, but it turns out real pretty too. Read the recipe here.

Strawberry Dumplings

Credit: Kendra’s Treats

Second only to strawberry pretzel salad, strawberry dumplings are also very southern. We know that many other cultures like Germany and Poland have their own version, but down south the difference is in the way you make the dumplings. Kendra of Kendra’s Treats is typical for a southern recipe. Hearty yet tender and imperfect in shape, the dumplings simply exist in this recipe to break up the sweetness of the strawberries. Don’t second guess it – just eat.

Kendra’s recipe is here.

Five ways to enjoy strawberries. Which will you choose? Share your experiences with us on Facebook @DueSouthMagazine.

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